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I am happy to provide a glowing endorsement for anyone considering Olivier Biodefense. My New Orleans home was damaged during Hurricane IDA and had water infiltration in addition to a prolonged period of loss of electricity. It was no surprise that we had multiple areas of mold throughout the house upon returning. We turned to a professional remediation team to not only remove visibly damaged areas of the home (showing mold or fungus), but also to use chemicals to sanitize the entire house and air. My family and I were able to move back in following this. Nonetheless, over the next few weeks I found myself developing an odd cough and wheezing. I went to my personal physician but was not able to find a cause of it.

Eventually, based on a local recommendation, I turned to Olivier Biodefense. Their professional staff and service found that there were multiple other pathogens that were just not addressed by the remediation team. They installed systems throughout the house and I am pleased to say, my health has never been better. Their service is seamless and consistent. I highly recommend them for anyone.


Tarun Jolly, MD

Tarun Jolly, MD,
The Synexis Microbial Reduction System is manufactured and assembled in the USA.


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