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To whom it may concern,

I am happy to provide a glowing endorsement for anyone considering Olivier Biodefense. My New Orleans home was damaged during Hurricane IDA and had water infiltration in addition to a prolonged period of loss of electricity. It was no surprise that we had multiple areas of mold throughout the house upon returning. We turned to a professional remediation team to not only remove visibly damaged areas of the home (showing mold or fungus), but also to use chemicals to sanitize the entire house and air. My family and I were able to move back in following this. Nonetheless, over the next few weeks I found myself developing an odd cough and wheezing. I went to my personal physician but was not able to find a cause of it.

Eventually, based on a local recommendation, I turned to Olivier Biodefense. Their professional staff and service found that there were multiple other pathogens that were just not addressed by the remediation team. They installed systems throughout the house and I am pleased to say, my health has never been better. Their service is seamless and consistent. I highly recommend them for anyone.


Tarun Jolly, MD

Tarun Jolly, MD,

We have been using the Sentry system for about four years now. It has made a vast improvement in air quality throughout our living quarters and we have seen a reduction in the need for sinus medication especially over-the-counter products as well as a dramatic drop in people having to take off for sicknesses like sinus infections, colds, and flu. Oliver Biodefense has always been superb with customer service.

Dan J.,
Marine Transportation Industry

By utilizing the Synexis Biodefense Systems in the oil and gas sector since 2018, Olivier Biodefense has been able to improve the indoor environmental quality of manned facilities by reducing biological pollutants such as mold, infectious diseases, and insects. The success of our Indoor Environmental Quality Program leads many to believe that eventually the System will take on a role similar to today’s behavioral-based safety program. The Systems have played a vital role in our client’s safety programs, which aim to improve the overall health and safety of workers.

The following testimonials are gathered from clients currently utilizing the Synexis Sentry and Sphere Standalone Systems. These units are the foundation of our clients’ Indoor Environmental Quality Programs. These Programs were developed and designed by Olivier Biodefense, which perform measurements and monitoring on a quarterly basis, partner with third-party lab EMSL to process environmental samples, and also generate quarterly IEQ reports.

Andre’ Olivier,

After over 30 years in the offshore oil & gas industry, I have been on many different types of platforms and rigs. Typically, we have a high percentage of personnel that suffer from various sinus issues in our offshore living quarters. In the winter months, it is usually much worse.

We utilize the Synexis Biodefense System on all our facilities. I have noticed that, summer or winter, we have very little complaints from anyone of congestion or the normal spread of colds or viruses. The (units) are very easy to service by onboard personnel with minimal training. The folks at Olivier Biodefense are always very helpful, and they are very quick to respond to questions or comments you may have.

I highly recommend these units.

Bob T.,
Sr. Safety Advisor

As an OIM on (an offshore) facility, our main objective is the safety of all personnel on the platform. Our tight quarters and around the clock operations make it challenging for our galley crew to keep up with the high demand. If we have an illness, it's best to move these folks off the facility, and (our facility) is 200 miles offshore, so transportation is costly and takes time and has risks.

Since introducing the portable Sentry DHP devices, we haven’t transported anyone off (the facility) due to illness. You don’t have stuffy noses, including those general allergies that hit us yearly. People feel better, and, in turn, we increase our overall productivity and reduce risk across the entire platform.

These Sentry DHP devices add value in several ways. People appreciate our focus on the health of our employees, and, in turn, we reap the benefits of increased productivity, with reductions of risk to people, plants, and environment.

Douglas H.,
Offshore Installation Manager

From the first-hand account of a Paramedic, the sole medical provider to workers on an oil and gas installation in the Gulf of Mexico:

The most common medical conditions having to treat offshore is related to acute infectious illnesses such as flu-like symptoms and the common cold. As a single facility, we invest thousands of dollars annually on various medical supplies and OTC and prescription medications to see that our crew members remain healthy and illness-free.

In the event of illness exposure in the industrial environment, it could lead to lost wages, time away from work, delays in planned activities, unnecessary downtime, and the carried risk associated with the safety of the crew and evacuation of crew members from the facilities via helicopter. Since we introduced portable Sentry DHP devices in every bedroom and commonly occupied rooms in our living quarters, I've seen a significant drop in communicable illness complaints, including general allergies.

Testimonies from the crew have been overwhelmingly positive with some testifying for the first time in their careers (that) they wake up daily having the freedom to breathe without a stuffy nose or scratchy throat. Some even shared they have ceased their daily regimen of antihistamines and other preventative treatments. From what I witnessed, the units have worked as advertised and provided us with a solution to an unending issue. I can say with confidence, based on the witnessed results, these units are a necessity to maintain the well-being of those in any workforce.

Aaron B.,
Paramedic/HSE Advisor
The Synexis Microbial Reduction System is manufactured and assembled in the USA.


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