Our mission:

to create safe environments by reducing microbial threats.

Our Founder

Olivier Biodefense® was founded by André Olivier in partnership with Synexis® upon learning about a relatively new technology that mimics one’s natural immune system.

An interesting observation

An interesting observation

André Olivier realized that his employees and fellow colleagues in the oil and gas industry could benefit from this technology as it would aid in mitigating outbreaks of flu and staph on lay barges and offshore facilities. This is an issue that they battled year after year as they inhabit tight living quarters. However, after performing numerous baseline assessments of offshore facilities, an interesting observation began to surface.

The Threat

Mold revealed itself as more of a constant threat to the welfare of occupants rather than bacteria or viruses. Unlike influenza, for example, which has a seasonality factor, mold is found in high concentrations throughout the year. Furthermore, the constant presence of mold weakens the immune system, making it more difficult to fight off bacteria and viruses.

The Solution

Olivier Biodefense® is the worldwide distributor of the Synexis® Microbial Reduction System for the oil and gas industry. This System utilizes a patented technology that produces H2O2 (dry hydrogen peroxide or DHP™) from the humidity in the air to safely, effectively, and continuously reduce microbial threats in occupied spaces without disrupting day-to-day operations.
The Synexis Microbial Reduction System is manufactured and assembled in the USA.


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