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Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Program

Environmental Health Risks
Most companies are aware that outdoor environmental pollution can affect the health of its employees. However, many do not realize that indoor environmental contamination can also have a significant effect. Studies from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have indicated that indoor environmental pollutant concentrations can be significantly greater than concentrations observed outdoors. Comparative risk studies performed by the EPA and the Science Advisory Board have consistently ranked indoor environmental pollution among the top 5 environmental health risks.
Various Factors
Over the past several decades, exposure to indoor environmental pollutants has increased due to various factors: biological pollutants (bacteria, infectious diseases, insects, etc.); volatile organic compounds (VOCs); the construction of more tightly sealed buildings causing higher humidity which leads to mold formation; insufficient ventilation rates; synthetic building materials; and the use of chemically formulated personal care products, housekeeping supplies, and pesticides.
We are here to help.
Olivier Biodefense has the experience and track record of helping companies create, monitor, and maintain an Indoor Environmental Quality Program that is suited for the most challenging environment.

Part of our IEQ strategy includes:

Step 1
Identify Concerns
Identifying IEQ concerns and issues from the building’s occupants and management.
Step 2
Baseline Tests
Performing baseline tests to gather data on the current condition of the environment.
Step 3
Determine Solution
Determining the type and quantity of Synexis Biodefense Systems to utilize in occupied areas.
Step 4
Quarterly Assessments
Measure and monitor by conducting quarterly building walk-through assessments along with environmental testing.
Step 5
Review and Update
Periodically reviewing and updating the IEQ Program based on the quarterly results of environmental testing and feedback from occupants and management.

Additional Testing

Olivier Biodefense also provides the following services per industry standards on an as-needed basis:
Surface Testing
ATP Swab Testing
BioTape Sampling
Environmental Testing
IEQ Particle Sampling
PCR Sampling
qPCR Sampling
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