As an OIM on (an offshore) facility, our main objective is the safety of all personnel on the platform. Our tight quarters and around the clock operations make it challenging for our galley crew to keep up with the high demand. If we have an illness, it's best to move these folks off the facility, and (our facility) is 200 miles offshore, so transportation is costly and takes time and has risks.

Since introducing the portable Sentry DHP devices, we haven’t transported anyone off (the facility) due to illness. You don’t have stuffy noses, including those general allergies that hit us yearly. People feel better, and, in turn, we increase our overall productivity and reduce risk across the entire platform.

These Sentry DHP devices add value in several ways. People appreciate our focus on the health of our employees, and, in turn, we reap the benefits of increased productivity, with reductions of risk to people, plants, and environment.

Douglas H.,
Offshore Installation Manager
The Synexis Microbial Reduction System is manufactured and assembled in the USA.


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